Wash, Rinse, Repeat (and I'm Not Talking About Your Hair)

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Wash, Rinse, Repeat (and I'm Not Talking About Your Hair)

The newlywed, sans kid version of myself, imagined my life much differently.  I imagined my life overflowing with happiness and endless feelings of fulfillment and freedom.  When I realized life with a career and kids wasn’t all roses and unicorns, the wind was taken out of my sails.  Don’t get me wrong, my life as of a few years ago wasn’t completely void of happiness and fulfillment.  But was it the life I had imagined and dreamed I would have? That would be a resounding N.O.

Being a mom is hard.  As a matter of fact, being a woman can feel downright brutal.  We’re expected to do ALL the things.  Be SuperMom, SuperWife, have a career, and do it with a smile on our face while wearing a size 4.  Holy hell, no wonder women are so unhappy.

We get into a mundane routine taking care of everything and everyone else and lose parts (or all) of ourselves in the process.  Life turns into taking care of the everyday tasks. Work, laundry, feeding everyone, being a chauffeur.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat.  

There’s GOT to be more to life.  There’s GOT to be.

What happened to wanting to take up running, learn to cook, knit a sweater, join a book club, learn to garden, or sit and simply do nothing?  Maybe, someday?
Why is that?  Why are you last on your list to make happy?  Maybe it hasn’t even occurred to you to put yourself on the happiness list.

Do you believe you deserve to be happy? 

That’s the biggest question of all.  Before you answer, think really hard.  Did you immediately dismiss your need for happiness?  It’s a reflex we women have developed over time.  All of that putting everyone first and ourselves last will do that do a girl.  If you’re not sure if you deserve to be happy, or if you don’t believe you’re worthy of it at all,  do yourself this one little favor.  Ask yourself what REAL evidence do you have in your life that makes you believe you’re not worthy?

Whatever your past is.  No matter what you may or may not believe about yourself.  Take it coming from someone who once believed she wasn’t worthy of anything good and actually deserved to be unhappy (true story), it’s 100% possible to get to a place where you believe YOU’RE WORTH IT!

Maybe you need convincing, maybe you don’t.  What if you could do one small thing in your life to make it more feel manageable?  I’m not talking some grandiose life overhaul.  Just a few small tweaks to your life that could potentially bring you out of the doldrums of your repetitive life.  My 5 Ways for a SuperMom to Start Living an Intentional Life is a good place to start.

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