5 Mistakes to Avoid When Making Weight Loss Goals When You're Over 40

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Making Weight Loss Goals When You're Over 40

As the new year is about to turn over, I’m sure you’re like every other woman on the planet thinking about goals you’d like to set out to accomplish. 

Weight loss goals are likely at the tippy top of your list. 

From years of working with woman who have this same goal, I’d like to save you some time and effort by telling you goals you shouldn’t have on your list to accomplish in the New Year. 

You’re going to be surprised at some, if not all, of my suggestions.  Go ahead, peek at the bold print below.   

Now are you thinking, damn, now what?

Weight loss after 40 is a completely different ballgame.  That’s why it can be difficult.  You’re approaching it as if you’re 20 or 30.    Want the inside scoop on how to switch it up to get results?  Get my free resource Weight Loss for SuperMoms Over 40.   

5 Goals You Should Leave Off Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution List

1.More Willpower

Girl, weight loss has nothing to do with willpower.  I know you’ve spent years beating yourself up about this.  You’re not alone.  Let me squash that myth right now.  Out of whack hormones (like insulin and ghrelin) have taken over any amount of willpower you might’ve been able to muster up.  When you’re hormones are out of balance, you’re body is hardwired to eat.  End of story.  Getting your hormones in check will make weight loss more manageable.  Eating smart (protein, fiber, and fat) will help you get started with this.  

  2. Another Diet

How many diets have you been on in your life?  No less than a million, right?  Each diet you research and become an expert in the rules.  When it fails, you look for the next shiny new diet plan.  It’s been an endless cycle to find “the one” that will finally be your answer.  Seriously, enough with the diets.  By now you’re aware diets don’t work.  To get sustainable results I recommend you pick up habits that you can realistically live with for the rest of your life.  (And it isn’t going keto or whole 30, btw.)  My free resource Weight Loss for SuperMoms Over 40 will hook you up with what you need to know.   

3.More Time in the Gym or on the Treadmill

You’re smart.  I know you’ve heard the saying “weight loss doesn’t happen in the gym, it happens at the end of your fork”.  Even though we know this, it’s really hard to understand and accept, isn’t it?  I mean it makes sense.  The more you exercise the more weight you lose.  Maybe when you were 30.  But now, not so much.  Believe it or not, less is more.  Instead of logging in more cardio time, switch it up with weight training.  You’ll get more bang for your buck with this and it’s less stressful on your body.  Also, making sure you’re eating smart (protein, fiber, and fat) at each meal is one key to successful weight loss after 40.     

4.Eating Fewer Calories

You’ve spent nearly a lifetime of hearing eating fewer calories will result in weight loss.  Just like exercise, it’s different when you’re 40.  It’s not about the amount of calories you’re eating. It’s more important where the calories are coming from and how they effect your hormones.  The steadier your blood sugar and lower your insulin levels, the less your hunger hormone (ghrelin) will be all up in your business telling you to eat.  Restricting calories is one of the reasons your metabolism is crap.  If your body thinks it’s starving, it freaks out and holds onto fat.  Um, not what you’re going for.  Eating the right kind of calories at the right time is the key to weight loss.   

5.Cutting Out Sugar and Carbs

The low carb craze has been around for a while, so I know you’ve heard all about it.  Keto this, keto that.  I bet you’ve even tried cutting out or back on your carbs.  How many times have you declared you’re giving up sugar too?  Don’t worry, we’ve all done it. (Yup, even me.)  As you know, it’s completely not sustainable to cut out carbs and sugar.  I mean, do you really want to live the rest of your life without chocolate or birthday cake?  No thank you.  Carbs are essential for woman.  They’re what keep our hormones in check.  This is key for woman over 40 trying to lose weight.  Eating the right carbs, the right portion of carbs, at the right time is a much more sustainable approach.  Don’t you think? 

I’ve put together a free resource to make this weight loss thing when you’re over 40 less of a mystery.  The answer to weight loss after 40 is in the details my friend.  Grab my Weight Loss for SuperMoms Over 40 to get what you need to establish lifestyle habits you can actually stick with to get results.  

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