3 Surprising Things to do When You're Diagnosed with Prediabetes

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3 Surprising Things to do When You're Diagnosed with Prediabetes

Being diagnosed with prediabetes is an emotional thing.  You have feelings that run that gamut from overwhelmed, afraid, ashamed, and embarrassed.  

Your Uncle Jerry, Grandma Pat, mother or father have diabetes.  As much as you love them dearly, the last thing you want is to end up in the same boat as they are.  Chained to medication, doctors visits galore, and generally not healthy. You want something different for yourself.

You can have a different life for yourself.

And you will.  

Will it happen overnight? Don’t be silly.  Overhauling the things in your life that got you where you are all at once isn’t realistic.  Even if you could pull it off, it would result in short-term changes, more feelings of overwhelm, and inevitably you’ll be drowning your sorrows in ice cream before you know it.  

Let’s avoid that, shall we?

Here are 3 surprising things you should do when you’re diagnosed with prediabetes:

1.Set a date for when you’ll shift your thoughts

Feeling depressed, anxious, and all the other feelings because of your diagnosis is normal.  Feeling sorry for yourself or disappointed you’ve gotten to the place where you are is normal.  Staying stuck in these feelings will only keep you sick.

Pick a date when you’ll stop focusing on these feelings.  I’m not talking weeks or months of allowing yourself to stay in the overwhelm. A few days at most is customary. The feelings will still be there, but the date you pick will signify when you’ll take action instead of being the hostess of your own pity party. On your date of choice, decide this is when you’re going to give less oxygen to those negative thoughts and breath more life into thoughts such as:

“I care enough about myself to make some baby changes”.
“I have a long life ahead of me. If I want to live it being healthy I need to make some changes”.
“This is my time to work on me”.
“I deserve to be happy and healthy”.

The idea is to come up with a sentence or two that you want to tell yourself when times are tough. Write the sentences down. Keep them in a place you can refer to each time your mind drifts to the negative doom and gloom feelings. Say your positive sentences out loud.  Do it even if you don’t believe it yet. The more you say it the more the positive will push out the negative. One day you’ll start to believe it, if you don’t already.

2.Know your why

Knowing why you want to reverse your prediabetes is essential.  I’m not talking reasons like “I want to get healthy” or “I don’t want to get diabetes”.  I mean reasons like:

“I want to have the energy to play with my kids”.
“I want to be able to get out of bed in the morning and have the energy to be present with my family”.
“I want to be healthy enough to walk 3 miles everyday”.
“I want to be around when my kids graduate”.
“I want to feel confident in my body”.
“I want to be a good example for my son or daughter”.

Skies the limit. Your why will be personal to you. The key to this is digging deep. Staying at surface level (like, I want to get healthy) won’t get you very far for very long. After you have your why, write it down. Have it in a place you will look everyday. Read it everyday, as many times as you can fit in.  Say it out loud.  When things feel hard or you feel like what you’re doing isn’t working, read your why statement over and over. Let this reminder be your guide to keep going, even when you don’t want to.

3.Think about what you want your future self to be like

Don’t skip this because you think it’s too woo woo.  (Yes, I see you over there rolling your eyes.)

Close your eyes and visualize the person you want to become when your prediabetes is in remission.  

What does she look like?
What’s she wearing?
What job does she have?
What foods does she eat?
What are her daily habits that allow her to feel loved and taken care of by herself?
How is she treating other people?
Does she exercising routinely?
What books does she read?
What podcasts does she listen to?
What does she say to herself?

Once you’ve got a clear picture of your future self, write it all down.  Don’t leave anything out. Your future self is who you’re striving to become on your health journey.

So there’s a good change you’re probably wondering what on earth all of this has to do with solving your prediabetes. 

Here’s the thing- if you don’t get your head right, anything you do to diet wise to address your prediabetes will feel hard as hell as will likely be temporary. 

The answers to solving your prediabetes don’t solely rely on changing your food and exercising.  The big changes will occur when you look inside yourself to make changes.   

Is digging deep within yourself scary?Definitely.   

A lot of work? No question.  

But what’s harder?  Staying sick or doing the work to get better?

Okay, I’m not going to leave you hangin’.  If you’re ready to get to the nitty gritty, I want you to get your hands on my free Beat Prediabetes Starter Kit for Women.  It’s filled with resource that will be foundational to your healing.  In the kit you get a ton of diabetic friendly recipes and a free mini-training. The mini-training includes mindset work, meal planning (with lots of recipes), and other things you might not already know to kick your prediabetes to the curb.  It’s free so you don’t have much to lose.  Right?   



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