What to Eat When You Have Prediabetes

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What to Eat When You Have Prediabetes

When you’re diagnosed with prediabetes, the first bit of advice your doctor usually tells you is to go on a diet and lose weight.  Maybe, just mayyyybeeee, your doctor might tell you to cut down on carbs and sugar. I’ve found this to be the exception, not the rule though.   

That’s where the advice usually stops.   

You’re left feeling confused, scared, and unsure of what to put in your mouth.

You know deep down your diet of snickers, ice cream, and pasta aren’t what you should be eating.  You also know that eating lettuce leaves and celery sticks isn’t what you want to be eating either.

I don’t blame you and would never suggest lettuce leaves and celery sticks as part of any reasonable plan. My free resource Beat Prediabetes Starter Kit for Women is full of diabetic friendly recipes that are easy and delicious.  

There are, however, some hard truths when it comes to eating and prediabetes.   

You’re going to have to make adjustments to what you’re eating.  It’s a fact. If what you have been eating was right for your body, you wouldn’t have prediabetes.  Right? I know it’s hard to accept and I don’t take this lightly. Fear and disappointment will get in the way of your health only if you let it.          

You’re also likely going to have to make some hard choices when it comes to food and your          prediabetes. Eating a diet of sugar, bread, pasta, and more sugar didn’t do you have favors. But man, that’s your comfort zone.  Those foods feel good, taste good, and are familiar. There’s a good chance those foods have been an emotional crutch for you. Learning new ways of doing things, especially when it comes to food, will feel awkward and uncomfortable for a while.  It will take practice sitting with the discomfort.

To make the process of adjusting your food to treat your prediabetes a little easier, I’d like to encourage you to focus on what you CAN eat, rather than what you can’t.  If you approach your way of eating from a place of deprivation, it’s going to miserable and you’re going to find yourself elbow deep in that Ben & Jerry’s before you know it.  By focusing on what you CAN eat, you’re approaching your way of eating from a place of abundance and possibilities. Positivity will win everytime if you let it.

 Here are 5 basics for what to eat when you have prediabetes

1.  Eat real food
Depending on what you’ve been eating and what you’re used to eating, this may or may not be a be a big adjustment for you.  Real food is, for the most part, anything that comes without a food label.  Avoiding food with labels will cut down on consuming hidden sugar (and other ingredients) that are lurking in every single packaged product.   

2. Protein
Protein will satiate you and help you stay full. It’s also one of macronutrients that turns off hunger hormones. The general rule of thumb is to aim for about a quarter of your plate to be protein.  Grass-fed beef, chicken, pork, turkey, eggs are good choices.

Fiber stretches your stomach and is another macronutrient that turns off hunger hormones.   You’ll be surprised to know that most vegetables are relatively low in fiber. To get substantial doses of fiber you might need to think outside the vegetable box.  Fiber rich foods include chia seeds, avocado, and flax seed. These are all really good in a smoothie or sprinkled on a salad, roasted vegetables, or in yogurt.

Fat is one of the most satiating foods you can consume.  It coats the lining of your stomach and is another macronutrient that turns off hunger hormones.  Fats to use include coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, grass-fed butter, ghee, and avocado.

Vegetables not only provide nutrients that give you energy and make you feel good, they’re great for creating volume on your plate.  Piles these babies up. By putting a ton of vegetables on your plate, you’re able to eat A LOT of food. Having a large quantity of food in front of you can cut down on the deprivation factor.  Vegetables also stretch the receptors in your stomach to help you feel full.

My free resource Beat Prediabetes Starter Kit for Women will simplify things even more for you.  You get a variety of easy and fast recipes that include all of the components listed above. The kit also includes a free mini-training that explains ways to beat your prediabetes you might not already know about.    

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