About Allison

About Allison

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Hi, I’m Allison.  I’m a mom, wife, and Health Coach.  To say I haven’t always been the picture of health and happiness is an understatement. I spent the better part of my life being anxious, stressed, and a tired hot mess.  The stress from being a mom, working, and juggling life’s responsibilities led to many years of severe insomnia.  My work and life to-do list would turn my brain on at night.  My brain would go a mile a minute, making sleep an unknown commodity.

Stress and sleep deprivation leaves a girl feeling depressed, anxious, and irritable.  I was a real joy to be around! (Said no one in my life at the time!)

I was so delirious from being sleep deprived I could hardly hold a conversation.  Tasks at work took twice as long to complete because I couldn’t think.  My social life and relationships suffered, only to add “feeling lonely” to the laundry list of things I felt crappy about in my life.  On top of all that, I was short tempered and on edge all the time.  I yelled and snapped at my husband and kids more than any human should be allowed.

I was driven to succeed at my job and be a SuperMom and wife at home.  I was supposed to be so stressed and anxious all the time that I couldn’t sleep, right?

It wasn’t until my body collapsed that I knew I had to change my life.  I turned to nutrition, exercise, and shifting my mindset to begin to heal.  Over time my mind and body became healthier.  I learned ways to handle my stress better and lower my anxiety.  Instead of constantly being on edge I became more calm and moderate tempered.  I started to sleep like a regular person.  I fell asleep at a decent hour and woke up when I needed to.

My thinking became clear, I was productive in my job, and I was overall much happier and more positive. I became a better mom and wife too!

It’s my passion to empower women who are anxious, stressed, and sleep deprived to make the changes that are right for them to live the life they’re meant to live. Through this empowerment, I give women the tools they need to feel less stressed and anxious to sleep through the night. Women who work with me are better equipped to deal with the stress life throws at them.

Life is meant to be lived feeling happy, being healthy, while still being productive and successful. I’m here to assure you that this kind of life is attainable and 100% within your reach.